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Did you know?

holster® jellies are not only soft, flexible, comfortable and durable, they are made from high quality PVC and are considered a recyclable material. The recycling classification it falls under is the number 3 and the phrase PVC. All the PVC waste from our factory is recycled. Any rejected parts from production are recycled for the next holster® production meaning no waste.

“PVC is a thermoplastic polymer which can be recycled and remoulded into new products. Therefore rather than dispose of worn out or unwanted jellies in the domestic waste they should be sent to appropriate recycling facilities in order to maximise the possibilties for recycling.” John Hubbard - SATRA

Holster® takes pride in knowing we are doing everything we can to save the planet. That’s why we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint by also using recyclable packaging which includes our shoe boxes, brand cards and tissue paper. 

So go green with us and recycle old unwanted jellies!